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Answered: Will tele psychiatry (telemedicine) affect quality of patient care?

Will tele psychiatry (telemedicine) affect quality of patient care?


Yes, it will affect the quality of patient care since the researchers have found that telemedicine patient has low emotional stress, depression and anxiety. So in this case it improves the quality of patient care.  This means that telemedicine provides best quality health care patients living in both urban and rural areas. Also telemedicine helps patients with inability to move to receive the best health care service. Moreover, telemedicine easy health care services to reached more patients in everywhere in regardless of the area or region. Patients are able to access healthcare services treatment easily and address their issues immediately they affect them. Telemedicine is more effective, convenient and it is privatized (Hubley, Sam, et al. 2016)



Are there ethical dilemmas when recording and storing sessions?


Yes, there are ethical dilemma; Some of them are discussed below:

The consultants should adhere to this ethical dilemma issues. These issues are; Working within medical code of conduct, Confidential in keeping, recording and storing sessions private. Some of the ethical dilemmas like disclosing of patient data can occurred when transferring, receiving or during storage.  This may lead to access by third party without any permission and use them to access patients details such as bank account (Malhotra, Chakrabarti & Shah, 2013).

 The concern health personnel should ensure that patient’s information are taken care of by using reliable software.



Hubley, Sam, et al. "Review of key telepsychiatry outcomes." World Journal of Psychiatry 6.2 (2016): 269.

Malhotra, S., Chakrabarti, S., & Shah, R. (2013). Telepsychiatry: Promise, potential, and challenges. Indian journal of psychiatry , 55 (1), 3.\


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