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Answered: Reasons why given personhood status to great apes, especially to chimpanzees


Several countries have given personhood status to great apes, especially to chimpanzees. What are the most important behavioral components of apes (especially chimps/bonobos) to argue for personhood status?


Great apes are hominids of family primates which include gorilla and chimpanzee. Most Countries have considered apes as persons due to the close relationship of their physical characteristics, cultural behaviors and their adaptation to the environment. The following are the most important behavioral components of apes to argue for personhood status.

ü  They have an adaptation to help them protect themselves against predators and to find food. Long arms, opposable thumbs, behavioral adaptations, such as staying in troops and big toes help them to fight predators. This is also applying to human since they fight their enemies and looks for food using body parts such as hands.

ü  The use of sign language for agreement and disagreement by chimpanzees resembles a human being. They communicate by themselves through sign languages.

ü  They recognize different types of faces among themselves and those of human beings like human beings. Also, they have a sense of feelings by laughing and smiling and able to think like a human being using their brain.

ü  They live in a family or group of around four to eleven individuals or large groups like human beings who live in as a family. Male s apes use to lead the female’s apes in a family likewise to human beings whose is led by a male.

ü  Make use of complex tools like a blade of grass to fish termites from the ground, just like human beings using different types of tools like a knife.

ü  Apes enjoy their leisure time by playing together like swinging from a tree and taking foods and drinks like humans who participate in playing activities and eating a meal together. These apes formed friendships with themselves like human beings. 

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