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Answered: The incentives to induce physicians to be PCPs?

Question: what are the incentives to induce physicians to be PCPs?


Incentives are things that motivate a person for a more remarkable performance. Physicians are people who are qualified to do medicine and medical treatment. Incentives are necessary to induce health care facilities to encourage and motivates primary care physicians (PCPs). The following incentives are to be induced:

·         Financial incentives. It involves salaries, leaves payment, giving loans, and allowances such as housing and commuter.

·         Health care efficiency incentives. These are health care services given to the physicians, such as giving enough health care equipment, medical insurance, maternity/ paternity leave, and sick leave.

·         Performance incentives. They are being paid to physicians to improve performances such as target achievement, working overtime, and during a harsh working environment.

·         Flexible and friendly working environment. The physicians should work at flexible and planned working hours to avoid overload. There shall be good communication and respect between physicians and management.

·         Professional development incentives. The physicians should be given adequate supervision, study leave, coaching, training, and education.

·         Easy access to services. The physicians should access good transport, recreational facilities, schools, child care facilities, and affordable housing.   

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