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Answered: Explain how the model of electricity as electrons moving along a wire is an oversimplification that misrepresents the complex nature of an electric current

It is totally agreeable that if electrons move along a wire an electric current will be generated. But is this all that electricity constitutes? Clearly, electricity is a complex abstract concept that has been oversimplified in the manner of electrons moving along a wire primarily to enhance faster understanding of the concepts. However, this simplification does not reflect the true nature of an electric current.

Firstly, electricity is not just about electrons moving. This is because there is also the component of electromagnetic energy that is involved. It is this electromagnetic energy that moves at a speed nearly equal to the speed of light. On the other hand, electrons move much slower than the electromagnetic energy. If electricity was only to be modelled as a flow of electrons, then how would one explain scenarios like instant blackout hundreds of miles away from maybe a power plant when it is shut down? Another scenario is when you power on the lights, instantly the bulbs start emitting light which would question whether electrons moved that first from the switch to the bulb.

Another case that makes the model an oversimplification is that electrons flow is only recorded to occur where a direct current is involved. For the case of an alternating current, the electrons jiggle back and forth with a net motion equal to zero. This clearly indicates that there are numerous generalizations being made by this model in depicting electricity as electrons moving along a wire.

Lastly, under all circumstances, the number of electrons in a circuit remains the same. So what happens when you use appliances that convert electricity to heat or light? It would be difficult to fully explain such a case using this model. 

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