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Question:  Most traits are not categorical but instead have a continuous phenotypic distribution. Explain

           Phenotype is organism physical characteristics such as height, the color of skin, hair, and eye. It can result due to interactions of genes and the influence in the environment.  A trait is any observable feature of an organism.

        Categorical is non-numeric, meaning that when they are count, they do not have a number. In contrast, continuous is an infinite number of possible results and the percentage of these results'.  When the genetic loci increases, the number of traits also increases, resulting from a continuous phenotypic distribution. Most characteristics are being affected by two or many gene loci.  Because of these multiple genes, continuous distribution is the best to represent them than discrete or categorical distribution.

Question: why individuals with moderate phenotypes are more frequent than individuals with extreme phenotypes?

        Many factors influence phenotypes, such as temperature, humidity drugs, light, and chemicals. These factors decide which genes are turned on and off, resulting from influencing how an organism develops. Individuals with moderate phenotypes are more frequent because both internal and external factors favor their traits phenotypes to fit the environment and overcome obstacles. In comparison, the individuals with extreme phenotypes in most cases are being turned off their phenotypes traits by influencing factors such as nutrition, temperature, humidity, and light resulting in fewer individuals with extremes phenotypes.


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