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Answered: Genetics and Breeding improve Cattle Production


Question. Can Genetics and Breeding improve Cattle Production in smallholder farming systems in South Africa?

     Cattle farming in South Africa is the largest agricultural activity, contributing to a large percentage of income and food to the country.  It provides milk, meat, leather, cow dungs, and labor source during tilling, irrigation, and carting of land.  Through these productions, it indicates the economic status of the country.

      In South Africa, small-scale farmers typically use natural ways of production. If they adopt the genetic and breeding method of farming, their cattle production is improving in the following ways:

             Generation of the desired traits.

Animals with different traits are measured, and the best animals are used as parent animals. And this provides farmers with the next generation of cattle, which increases production.

           Increases cattle productions

Breeding increases farmer's production in terms of milk, meat, leather, and quality horns.

       Improving adaptability of animals

Genetics and breeding improve animal's adaptability to the change in the environment without affecting production. This also lowers the mortality rate of the cattle.

     Increases resistance to diseases

With improve genes, they have high immune systems and quickly adapt to the harsh environment. Therefore, it increases resistance to diseases, and this lower farmers' medical cost, which increases the life span of cattle, which increases production.

    Improves cattle growth

The improved genetic traits enable faster growth of cattle calves, weight, and healthy development; this allows farmers to gain profits within a short time and allows greater feed efficiency.

    Increases birth rate.

Genetics and breeding make cattle give birth more often compared to natural ways of production. It enables farmers to have more cattle on his farm.


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