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Answered: The time married men with children spend on child care averages 6.4

The time married men with children spend on child care averages 6.4 hours per week (Time, March 12, 2012). You belong to a professional group on family practices that would like to do its own study to determine if the time married men in your area spend on child care per week differs from the reported mean of 6.4 hours per week. A sample of 40 married couples will be used with the data collected showing the hours per week the husband spends on child care.  Sample mean is 7, sample stdv. is 2.46.

a. What are the hypotheses if your group would like to determine if the population mean number of hours married men are spending in child care differs from the mean reported byTime in your area?

b. What is the sample mean and the p-value?

c. Select your own level of significance. What is your conclusion?

Part 1: Assume that we know sigma (the population stdev of ALL married men in your area — their time spent on child care per week) is 2.5 hrs. Answer 30 (a) using BFDA and conducting a “Normal Test for Mean” with a significance level = 0.05.
Part 2: Now answer 30 (a) assuming we DO NOT know sigma, the population stdev. Conduct a “t-Test for Mean.”  For Step 4, use =TINV for the reject rule. For Step 5, use =TDIST for the p-value. Produce a new Results Table and Business Answer.


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